Due to the building usage of Alexon Way as the construction entrance and in light of signage being erected at the Alexon Way end of Dyffryn Glas the Residents Committee has written an email to the RCT Planning Department.


This email has been sent to RCT Planning and our local councillor Teresa A. Bates.  I’ll update the post as we get more information.


Good afternoon,

It has come to our attention that Alexon Way is being used as site access for the new Dyffryn Glas development.
We are extremely concerned by this and I believe Phil Harris (ccd) called you earlier today in protest.  During the drawn-out planning process for this development Residents were greatly concerned by plans to use Alexon Way as the sole access for the new site.  Councillors overwhelmingly agreed that using Alexon Way as the sole access would pose an unacceptable risk to the public.
For this reason and to improve the resilience of the two sites a second access was agreed.  However it against these principles that Alexon Way, and the main residents access rather than the rarely used ‘Site Access’ is now being used as access for heavy construction access for Dyffryn Glas.
This is a matter that will be considered more formally at our next meeting however we would be grateful if you were to note this objection and advise on how the Developer will be instructed to comply with these justifiable objections and spirit of the discussions made during the application process.

Best wishes,

Martin Fidler Jones
on behalf of
Alexon Way Residents Association
Hawthorn, Pontypridd


Update 1:

I spoke to Gareth Davies at RCT Planning, he was very helpful and wrote the email  below to Persimmon:

We have today received a number of complaints regarding the development of the site to the rear of St Luke’s Avenue via the existing Alexon site.


As you will be aware we have not yet issued the planning permission in respect of this development and I advise you that any works you undertake to this development you do so entirely at your own risk.


You might help yourselves, in the eyes of the residents at least,  a little, if you were to abandon the use of the access via Alexon way and install the second access and work from there (notwithstanding my comments in respect of risk and without prejudice to any action that the Council might take in the matter). Similarly site of a construction method statement  would at least mean that we would be able to guide residents with regard to your intentions and manage expectations rather than to have to react to third party complaints.

Update 2:

An email was received from Gareth Davies at RCT Planning:

Further to my email on Tuesday I have received a response from Persimmon advising that It is our intention to demolish the houses ASAP and construct the site from the west with sales and public traffic via the Alexon Site.” The construction management plan which was also submitted yesterday reflects this approach, (see attached).and it has been passed on to my colleagues in highways for their comment in respect of its suitability or otherwise.

I note your suggestion that requiring access elsewhere be made a condition of consent. However, and despite the fact that the actual consent document has not been issued, this would be inappropriate and probably unlawful as our Members who passed the resolution to approve the proposals did not seek such a requirement.

We also received copies of the Construction Method Statement which I attach here:

CMS – Hawthorn CMS Plan

Update 3:

We sent a response to Gareth Davies, RCT Planning asking for clarification of a few points:

Thank you for your prompt response, and for your work on this matter.


The enclosed plan and CMS document appear constructive and I suspect would be welcomed by Alexon Way residents.  After consultation with residents we would have a few reservations which perhaps you could comment on:


  1. There is no set time-frame for the ‘ASAP’ demolition of Fairholm. Residents would be nervous of the status quo (i.e. construction traffic transiting via Alexon Way) existing indefinitely.
  2. There is no guidance instructing construction traffic to transit via the Site Entrance.  Unfortunately as is currently the case with Alexon Way, a significant volume of construction traffic transits via the residential access, in spite of the existence of a separate site entrance. The risk of this is increased given that phase 1 will be closer to the Alexon Way residential access than the Dyffyn Glas site access. What measures could be put in place to mitigate this?
Construction traffic through Alexon Way

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